We believe in telling stories that improve, empower and enrich peoples’ lives.

As the Internet becomes more and more social, people are demanding investment, involvement and engagement from the businesses and companies they frequent. The old ways of doing business – the separation between seller and buyer – are falling to the wayside and a new paradigm has emerged. People are asking “why?” – why do you do what you do – and “what are you doing besides that?” Perception used to be everything – but no longer. In the world of today, your customers want a clearer picture; they want to hear your story and we can help you tell it.


Jabril Faraj is a trained journalist, writer and storyteller with a deep knowledge of digital media, online storytelling and the social web. His approach blends the sensitivity of the social web toward shareable content with the intrinsically “human” aspect of journalism in order to produce something that is undeniably “you”, while leaving a profound and lasting impression.